Guestroom Amenities


This page aims to help you to use all the in-room equipment safely and conveniently. 

Kindly refer to this page before operating these devices.  We especially appreciate

your mindful use of the appliances and our resources, which translates into better

protecting the planet and ourselves.


Lights: For economy, all bulbs are energy-saving and eco-friendly.  However,

please switch them off when you leave the room!


Air - conditioner: On the remote control, simply press ‘On’ or ‘Off’ and ‘Swing’

while pointing the remote at the unit to operate it.  The temperature is adjusted

using the 56icons.  All are safety-tested and energy-efficient, and they ensure

the best circulation of natural air.

Notebook: One internet-connected notebook is provided for in-room use.  You are advised to plug it

in before turning on the device by pressing the ‘On’ button.  For your safety, we recommend shutting

down the device first before unplugging it.


Mini-bar: An energy-saving fridge can be found in your wooden mini-bar closet.  It contains soft drinks,

beer, mineral water, and energy drinks.  The fridge may work improperly if its door is left open for too long. 

Two complimentary bottles of water are provided daily in your room. 


Room safe: We strongly advise that for the security of your valuables you use the safe in your room. 

Should you need, valuables can also be securely stored at Reception.

The first time that you operate the safe, there are two necessary steps to take - to unlock 

the safe, and then to create your passcode.  To unlock the safe, press the Hash button 

(#) followed by ‘1234’ and then the Hash button (#) again.  When ‘OPEN’ appears on the 

screen, turn the door handle clockwise to open it.  Next, create your own passcode by 

first pressing the red button inside the door. After you heara beep, press the Hash button

(#) followed by your own passcode (2-6 digits long), and confirm by pressing the Hash

button (#) again.  When ‘IN’ appears on the screen, the passcode has been changed 



On the second and subsequent occasions, you will unlock the safe by first pressing 

the Hash button (#), then inputting your exact passcode, and finally pressing the 

Hash button (#) again.  When ‘OPEN’ appears, turn the handle clockwise to open 

the door.  Simply close the door after use by firmly pressing the door and turning 

the handle counterclockwise.


Shower: There is hot water 24/7.  The temperature depends on the setting of the adjacent

hot/cold control, and the water should reach the desired temperature after 1-2 minutes,

often accompanied by a mild splutter! We ask you to be cautious as the water can run very

hot.  Red and blue symbols on the tap indicate the directions for hot or cold water.


Bath tub: A separate hot water supply is used for the bath tub, with taps for hot and cold. 

The floor near the bath tub is water-resistant and designed so that any water that flows

out will go directly into our water sanitation system through an outlet. 


Hand basin:Hot or cold water is selected by turning the tap towards either the red or

blue symbols. You are again requested to be careful about the temperature of the water

and the hot tap itself.  Please note that the water is not for drinking.


Toilet: The sanitation and waste processing at the Village is always guaranteed to be

hygienic and convenient.  To flush the toilet, simply press one of the buttons with the

semicircle and circle icons, meaning a half or complete flush of the stored water.


Laundry service: Please consult the price list in your wardrobe. To flush the toilet,

simply press one of the buttons with the semicircle and circle icons, meaning a half

or complete flush of the stored water.


o   To call Reception, please dial 0.

o   To call another room, please dial the room number. 

o   To make a call within Viet Nam, first dial 9, then the area code, followed by the number


o   To make an international call, first dial 9, then 00, then the country code, followed by

the number

required (without the first 0).

o   To call the Village from outside, first dial 0510 (province code for Quang Nam), followed by

3 933377. 

To call the Village from outside Viet Nam, first dial 00 then 84 (country code for Viet Nam),

followed by 5

10 3 933377.

We have public telephones installed in Reception, the Restaurant, and the Bar; please ask our

staff for any assistance you might require.

Cable TV: The TV offers high-definition viewing of nationally and internationally recognised channels. 

On the remote control, simply select the number of the appropriate channel while pointing it at the TV. 

We would appreciate it if you would keep the TV at a moderate volume, especially in the evening. 

Below are popular channels:

Broadcaster    Type     Channel
VTV1 Vietnamese   1
VTV2 Vietnamese   2
VTV3 Vietnamese  3
VTV4 Vietnamese 4
Cartoon Network Cartoons 15
Fashion TV  Fashion 20
Cinemax Movies 21
HBO HD Movies 22
Australia Network English 24
TV5 French 25
Animal Planet Documentary 27
Arirang Korean 28
MTV Music 35
Discovery Channel Documentary 37
NHK Japanese 39
BBC World News English news 42